About Us

We are fresh graduate marketing students without any working experience.

When we are still enjoying our stress-free days from final and assignments, our friend asked us if we are interested to work in a digital marketing company.

And yes, we went here for the interview section.

After the interview and visit the company, we joined Horizn for the 7 days trial.

The 7 Days

On the first day, we were nervous and confused. After the ice-breaking section, we get to know more about how the company works and so on. One of the fun things in the company is the bonding section, which we are able to voice out or question including sharing what we’ve encountered on the day. 

The working environment at Horizn is clean and comfortable. Additionally, the people here are all friendly and helpful. They are willing to share what they have in order for the team to grow together.

Moreover, during the discussion section, everyone share their thoughts to come up with a perfect solution, as the people here believe that working as a team can help to achieve both personal and company goals.

Ps. Steven, Jarone and Gabriel are friendly and approachable, who will give u their best to help you out. In addition, Steven has the best handwriting but he is kind of scary, yet you guys can still try to make friends with him.


Thanks for sharing, trusting and guiding us throughout the 7 days!

Joining Horizn will be the most memorable event in our 2019.

It is blessed to work with everyone here and we appreciate much that all of them have shared precious time with us. Lastly, wish everyone here all the best in everything!