B2B Digital Marketing for Mid Sized Companies in Miri (Annual Turnover of RM5 million )

When working with Miri based companies, we’ve met with some interesting cases that have helped us better understand the market. Miri is, for all intents and purposes, a traditional market. It can take quite a bit of convincing to get businesses on board with digital marketing. Resistance is commonplace, with certain pervasive mindsets prevalent in Miri.

So we’ve gone about listing the major recurring themes of problems we’ve encountered from Miri clients. We’re here to help and we know this article will help clear out any misconceptions you may have. 

A website without SEO is just a company brochure. 

Digital Marketing in Miri

We can’t stress this more than ever. Search Engine Optimization gets your website listed on the first page of google. So when potential customers in your area type keywords into Google, your website is one of the 10 listed on the first page. Without it, you might as well just upload your company brochure in pdf form online. It just doesn’t do much. 

A killer website is critical to getting prospects online. Optimizing each page for the sales process is MANDATORY. 

If you’re a B2C company, the likelihood of your customer using the AIDA funnel and research your product or company is significant. Purchasing habits in the 21st century always involve vetting a company or product online and comparing it to alternatives (AKA your competitors) is the new “looking around at the shopping mall”. 

But, just like a salesperson giving prospective customers information on the product in a logical order, a webpage needs to pitch the product in a specific format to make sense of it all. A confused customer is more likely to walk away to a competitor. This airtight pitch format is used to get all pages optimized for sales. 

So, believe us when we say a beautiful, fast and responsive website that’s optimized for sales conversion and has longterm SEO is the ultimate investment to the sales process. 

Online ads are far more powerful than a standard billboard or bunting

Digital Marketing in Miri

Miri’s main highways are littered with buntings on road lights. It seems this is the “go-to” method of drumming up hype for a new promotion or place of business. Let’s give credit where its due. The state of Miri traffic lends many eyeballs to these posters. 

But are they really worth the cash? Here’s what you can buy with online advertising. 

First, unlike print ads, you can change designs and details at the drop of a hat. Your proofreaders missed a typo? The sales department skipped a massive detail in the promo? No problem. Simply deactivate the ad and upload the new creative. No hassle of a reprint. 

So what if someone sees your ad, decides their interested, but then forget about it? In print ads, that is a missed opportunity. However, online advertising can retarget customers that make a concerted effort to view the ad but don’t take action. Ads will then subtly remind them of your company or products viewed. This increases both brand recognition and the likelihood of purchase. 

You even have the option of retargeting based on demographics and niches. Want to test your ad in a different language? Done.

This power is to be revered. 

Businesses must either change with the times or risk obsolescence.

Digital Marketing in Miri

The age of brick and mortar businesses is dying. Even the traditional sales process is losing out to digital marketing efforts. Where a salesperson can only be expected to deliver up to fifteen pitches a day while openly canvassing for prospects, a sizeable ad budget can allow digital marketers to easily gather twice as many leads. 

Miri’s sluggish pace at adapting to the future is a telltale sign of worrying times ahead. Businesses risk being devoured by competition, or worse yet, simply ignored for failure to comply. 

The influx of new and improved tech is disrupting dinosaur industries and not embracing this competitive advantage will limit any future attempts and salvaging market share. 

This list is by no means exhaustive, but we felt it necessary to bring confront the prevalent attitudes that pervade Miri businesses today.

Talk to us today and can help you chart a path to embracing digital marketing.