29/11/2019- Last 2 days in the H.family

My short story before joining Horizn

I was a fresh graduate with Bachelor degree looking for job all around the places, countries.

Being unemployed for 3 months and looking for a job I am passion about is really hard.

One day,  my friend Augustinne asked if I am interested  to join the company, Horizn.

So here it is, I joined the company.

Joining Horizn

At first joining this company, I wasn’t really sure what it is about. All I know is deal with marketing.

After joining the first week, I start to understand more about the company, understand more about the people, and the working environment here.

That’s when I start loving the company.

People work here as a team, we learn together, grow together, facing the problem together and most importantly, always be there for each other.

We work here as a team. Every person of the team have their own special characteristic. When comes to the work, everyone contribute with their best “specialness”, sharing opinion, thoughts, and their experience and knowledge, then come out with a perfect solution and plan.

I am falling in love with the team spirit.

Feeling to be part of Horizn/What I have learnt from them/Falling in love with Horizn

I always feel blessed to join the company. I have been working with Horizn for 1 month.

I have learnt a lot from them. Interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, decision making skills, communication skills, …and “lying skills”.

“lying skill wasn’t about actual lying. Instead, it’s a kind of bullsh*t, where you bullsh*ting to others, and they know you are actually bullsh*ting. Thats one of the way when people start building trust among each other.” (Wee, Steven 2019).

And of course, I feel there is so much I can still learn from them.

The best part working with the company, is when feeling like I am not working, instead I feel like I am learning and playing.

I am falling in love with the company.

What will I miss the most and will not miss about Horizn

<Little office chat scene>

Jarone asked,”what is the most you will be miss about from this company, and what you will not miss about?”

I told him that I will miss everything. I will miss the people and working environment here for sure.

Gabriel said, “I know what you will not miss about. The days when we (Jarone, Gabriel, Steven) were outstation.”

Me: “Hell yeah!”

Thank you Horizn

Thanks for the opportunity, encouragement, trust, supportive, caring and patience.



Jenny Ngo